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Sep 19

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Sep 18

Anonymous said: Are any of the albums by The Saddest Landscape worthwhile besides You Will Not Survive?

After the Lights is solid.

Anonymous said: Not to be weird but I went way back in your blog and saw you talking about Joie de Vivre and I checked out their stuff and some of it is pretty awesome. So thanks man.

Joie de Vivre is incredible

Anonymous said: Did you listen to the Prawn album?

Yea. We also played with them recently. They’re cool.

Anonymous said: Thoughts on Prawn or any of the new topshelf bands? Or not into that anymore?

Prawn is okay but they’re not as new Topshelf band. They’ve been around for a while now.

Anonymous said: thoughts on grimes and st vincent?

grimes is better. Neither are super interesting to me.



Anonymous said: Hyped for the (allegedly) upcoming Kendrick LP?

Patiently waiting

Sep 17

Anonymous said: You a Ghostface fan? Just wondering because he and Bronson are similar.

"Don’t ever say my fucking music sound like Ghost’s shit" - Action Bronson

But yeah obviously ghostface is great.

Anonymous said: That Action Bronson song is sick. Thanks for the recommendation, I hadn't given him a fair shot until now.

Yeah, Bronson is crazy. His music is deliberately hilarious but genuinely compelling. He’s really skilled.


Poster: ‘St. Vincent’ |  Huff Post 

really excited for the new St. Vincent album!


Poster: ‘St. Vincent’ | Huff Post

really excited for the new St. Vincent album!

Anonymous said: I haven't listened to enough hip-hop that came out this year. Any recommendations?

Action Bronson’s new record is what I’m most excited for. Check out the “Easy Rider” single, which is awesome. This year I’ve also loved Young Thug & Bloody Jay’s Black PortlandMy Krazy Life by YG, Dead by Young Fathers, So It Goes by Ratking, Dark Comedy by Open Mike Eagle, Vic Mensa’s “Down On My Luck,” Rick Ross’ “Sanctified,” Honest by Future, Hey by LE1F, “Never Catch Me” by Flying Lotus and Kendrick, “Rain Song” by Antwon. This year has been good so far. Nothing huge but lots of good releases. 

Sep 16