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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Low's First Two LPs To Be Reissued On Vinyl

I Could Live In Hope, the 1994 debut record from the long-running slowcore band Low, is being reissued on vinyl, according to the band’s facebook page. This is the first time that the record has ever been pressed to vinyl, as it was originally issued on 2xCD. To this day, I Could Live In Hope stands as one of the very best records from the Duluth, MI band — A fragile, spacious, and rather hopeless recording, despite what its title might suggest. Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker’s paired vocals have a crystalline harmonic beauty, and the minimalist instrumental arrangements provide a subtle but powerful background. Their sophomore LP Long Division, released the following year, has also been reissued on vinyl. The record is very similar in style to their debut, and evokes the same kind of frigid winter atmosphere. 

Both records are available for purchase online. I Could Live In Hope (a double LP) can be purchased HERE, while Long Division can be purchased HERE.

In the mean time, stream “Words,” the opening track from I Could Live In Hope, below.

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