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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

VideoThe Magnetic Fields - “Andrew In Drag” (DIY live session) 

Leave it to frontman Stephin Merritt to take one of The Magnetic Fields' most jovial and humorous songs in their entire discography and turn it into a slow and depressing tearjerker when left to his own devices. In this video for the DIY Sessions, Merrit (sans his bandmates) offers up a mournful, ukelele-led interpretation of the lead single from the Fields’ latest LP Love At The Bottom Of The Sea, virtually sapping it of all its vivacious vigor but turning it into a very nice little cry-along ballad. With his distinctive bass voice carrying over the ukelele strums, Merritt sounds so sad that you might not even notice when he starts comparing his “tail” to that of “a little weiner dog” in the second verse.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the music video for the full band version of “Andrew In Drag,” which appropriately features a bunch of drag queens.

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