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Friday, June 1, 2012
"Crocodile Tears" by Billy Woods.

Billy Woods - “Crocodile Tears”

Washington, DC-based MC Billy Woods has a new record out called History Will Absolve Me, an ambitious and unique hip-hop album featuring oddball beats and some seriously witty referential lyrics. It’s one of the more refreshing and original hip-hop releases I’ve heard all year, but because of its 1 hour+ runtime, I’m finding it pretty hard to digest in full. 

Nevertheless, there are quite a few immediate standouts, including “Crocodile Tears,” the album’s charging and relentless second track. “Crocodile Tears” goes harder than virtually any other rap song I’ve heard in a while. It’s one of those tracks that just slaps you in the face, punches you in the gut, and leaves you lying on the ground feeling dazed, damaged, but strangely validated. Woods’ loudmouthed delivery is in top form here, but the real highlight on this track is the beats. This beat surges and crashes with blistering guitar leads, cymbal hits, and the sampled wails of a soul singer who sounds like James Brown in his heyday. On top of that, trap-inspired gunshot samples and a weighty synth pad keeps the whole thing feeling dark and heavy. 


Billy Woods’ History Will Absolve Me is available for purchase now from Backwoodz Studioz

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