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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Woods - “Cali In A Cup”

Despite hailing from Brooklyn, the psychedelic-tinged folk rock band Woods have always given off a west coast vibe. On their sunny new track “Cali in a Cup,” they seem to be acknowledging some of that west coast influence. “Cali in a Cup” is certainly not the only ode to the Golden State to emerge in 2012, but it definitely comes across as more sincere than Best Coast's cloying, similarly-themed single "The Only Place".

On this track, the lead single to their new album Bend Beyond, the band seems to be moving further beyond their lo-fi psych rock origins and into some more accessible, clear-sounding sonic territory. Jeremy Earl’s soothing vocals and crystalline acoustic guitar chords form a comfortable foundation for the track, while a distant, distorted harmonica ties “Cali in a Cup” back to their experimental roots. Ultimately, this is a track that sounds great on a sunny summer day like today. Open your windows, go outside, and stream this great new song above.


Bend Beyond is out September 18th on Earl’s Woodsist record label. Stream “Cali in a Cup” above via Soundcloud.

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