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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waxahatchee - “Peace and Quiet”


Earlier today, Alabama heartbreaker Katie Crutchfield announced the release of her sophomore LP as Waxahatchee, which will be entitled Cerulean Salt. Out on March 15th, the new record comes on the heels of last year’s American Weekend, a breathtakingly fragile folk album that managed to clinch the #3 spot on my Top Albums of 2012 list. Understandably, the prospect of a new Waxahatchee record is exciting, and the release of the album’s first single “Peace and Quiet” is only amplifying that excitement for me.

From the resonant opening guitar chords, strummed confidently on an electric guitar, it is clear that Waxahatchee is raising the stakes on this LP. The track is considerably more hi-fi than anything on American Weekend, and it also features some supplementary instrumentation that backs up its familiar, classic rock-indebted chord progression. The idea of this project expanding into a full-band setting might seem jarring to some Waxahatchee acolytes, but any fan of Crutchfield’s previous band P.S. Eliot should appreciate this track. Crutchfield, now two years older and more experienced as a songwriter than she was in her P.S. Eliot days, sounds more poised than ever on “Peace and Quiet,” and her return to a fuller sound is entirely welcome because of it. In short, “Peace and Quiet” won’t break your heart as much as anything on American Weekend surely did, but it opens up the Waxahatchee project to new realms of sonic expression that have the potential to evoke broader, deeper emotions. 


Cerulean Salt is out March 15th via Don Giovanni Records. Read my original review of American Weekend HERE. ALSO: I am playing a show with Waxahatchee (full band) in New Haven on February 6th. More information about that show can be found HERE.

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