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Saturday, August 27, 2011
"Hurricane Waves" by Bomb the Music Industry!.

Bomb the Music Industry! - “Hurricane Waves”

"All the headlines say "Surf’s Up for the Hurricane Waves" / But the bodies say "It’s gonna be a weekend filled with pain."

Fuck your shit Irene. I don’t know when you’re supposed to get here, but I have a couple bottles of water and a fully charged iPod so I guess I’m ready. We’ll see just how painful this weekend is. In all likelihood, it will be better than most of my weekends, since I’ll at least have an excuse to sit inside by myself all day. At least you’ve given me a reason to listen to the new Bomb The Music Industry! album Vacation again. You guys know that this is the best album Bomb The Music Industry has ever put out, right? Right?

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