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"Animal Collective"
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tears For Fears - “My Girls” (Animal Collective cover)

The synth pop legends try their hands at the Merriweather Post Pavilion highlight and the results are jaw-dropping. Honestly, it’s an incredible cover. Give it a listen. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Left of the Dial Radio Playlist - 2/1/13


We were having some technical difficulties in the studio at WNHU last night, and the online stream may or may not have been working for the entirety of the broadcast. Anyway, if you did get a chance to tune in, or if you’re just interested in what I played, here is the full playlist from Left of the Dial last night. I won’t be doing my show next Friday because I’ll be seeing Jeff Mangum, but be sure to tune in the Friday after that for another live broadcast.

Stream the available tracks from the playlist below via Spotify.

  • 1. The Antlers - “I Don’t Want Love”
  • 2. The Velvet Underground - “Beginning to See The Light”
  • 3. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - “A Teenager In Love”
  • 4. Los Campesinos! - “Romance Is Boring”
  • 5. Grimes - “Genesis”
  • 6. Wise Blood - “B.I.G. E.G.O.”
  • 7. Dirty Projectors - “Gun Has No Trigger”
  • 8. Animal Collective - “Also Frightened”
  • 9. Primal Scream - “Higher Than The Sun”
  • 10. The Beach Boys - “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)”
  • 11. The Stone Roses - “Waterfall”
  • 12. Elvis Costello - “The Greatest Thing”
  • 13. Cat Power - “Manhattan”
  • 14. The xx - “Islands”
  • 15. David Bowie - “Sound and Vision”
  • 16. The Jam - “Start!”
  • 17. Titus Andronicus - “Ecce Homo”
  • 18. The Modern Lovers - “Roadrunner” 
  • 19. LCD Soundsystem - “Beat Connection”
  • 20. Tame Impala - “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”
  • 21. Iceage - “Coalition”
  • 22. Bright Eyes - “Take It Easy (Love Nothing)”
  • 23. Crystal Castles - “Untrust Us”
  • 24. WHY? - “These Few Presidents”


Stream via Spotify:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Left of the Dial Radio Playlist - 1/18/13

Thanks to everybody who tuned in to my most recent radio broadcast on Friday. My guest DJ Malcolm and I had a lot of fun spinning tracks for those of you who listened. Check out the full playlist below and stream the available tracks via Spotify at the bottom.

  • 1. WHY? - “January Twenty Something”
  • 2. Animal Collective - “The Purple Bottle”
  • 3. Belle and Sebastian - “My Wandering Days Are Over”
  • 4. Bob Dylan - “The Man In Me”
  • 5. Christopher Owens - “Love Is In The Ear of the Listener”
  • 6. Junip - “Line of Fire”
  • 7. Paul Simon - “The Obvious Child”
  • 8. Laura Stevenson & the Cans - “Beets Untitled” (Requested by Sam)
  • 9. The New Pornographers - “Myriad Harbour” (Requested by oceanofantics)
  • 10. The Postal Service - “Nothing Better”
  • 11. JJ - “Ecstasy”
  • 12. Rilo Kiley - “The Execution of All Things”
  • 13. Destroyer - “The Sublimation Hour”
  • 14. California X - “Curse of the Nightmare”
  • 15. Youth Lagoon - “Dropla”
  • 16. Sky Ferreira - “Everything Is Embarrassing”
  • 17. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - “Shipbuilding”

(Malcolm’s playlist)

  • 18. Andrew Bird - “Anonanimal”
  • 19. Ellen McIlwaine - “Can’t Find My Way Home”
  • 20. Four Tet - “Angel Echoes”
  • 21. Antonio Carlos Jobim - “Agua de Beber”
  • 22. King Geedorah - “Anti-Matter” (Feat. MF Doom & Mr. Fantastik)
  • 23. Bonga - “Mona Ki Ngi Xica”
  • 24. Bear in Heaven - “Beast in Peace”
  • 25. Beirut - “Venice”


Stream via Spotify:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My dashboard is having a pretty incredible circle jerk over the Centipede Hz stream right now.

I’m going to go read a book.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Left of the Dial Radio Playlist - 8/10/12

Thanks for tuning in to my radio show Left of the Dial last night on WNHU. I hope everyone who listened liked the show.Here’s the full playlist below. If you’d like, you can stream the Spotify version of the playlist at the embedded link below that. 

  • 1. Destroyer - “Streethawk I”
  • 2. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - "I See A Darkness" (Now Here’s My Plan version)
  • 3. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - “Mature Themes”
  • 4. The Mountain Goats - “Cry For Judas”
  • 5. Defiance, Ohio - "Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity"
  • 6. Yo La Tengo - “Autumn Sweater”
  • 7. JEFF The Brotherhood - “Country Life”
  • 8. Now, Now - “Thread”
  • 9. Dum Dum Girls - “Lord Knows”
  • 10. Hop Along - “Tibetan Pop Stars”
  • 11. Liars - “No.1 Against The Rush”
  • 12. Ethan Uhl - "self help books"
  • 13. Crystal Castles - "Plague"
  • 14. Animal Collective - “Today’s Supernatural”
  • 15. The Antlers - “Drift Dive”
  • 16. Mount Eerie - “Waves”
  • 17. Desaparecidos - "MariKKKopa"
  • 18. Desaparecidos - "Backsell"
  • 19. Wavves - "Hippies Is Punks"
  • 20. I Kill Giants - "Life Instead of Sleep"
  • 21. Punch - “Time Apart”
  • 22. White Lung - "Thick Lip"
  • 23. Grizzly Bear - “Yet Again” (requested by sea-fence)
  • 24. Jens Lekman - “I Know What Love Isn’t”
  • 25. Ty Segall - “Goodbye Bread”
  • 26. Slow Warm Death - “Kill You”
  • 27. Modest Mouse - “Paper Thin Walls” (Requested by anonymous)
  • 28. Jaill - “Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs)”
  • 29. Perfume Genius - “Dark Parts”
  • 30. TNGHT - “Bugg’n”

Stream via Spotify:

Friday, August 10, 2012
Now Playing: Animal Collective - "Today's Supernatural"

Why haven’t you heard the new Animal Collective single yet? Tune in to Left of the Dial on WNHU now.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

kindlesongarchive2-deactivated2 said: i'm not 100% sure what it is bbbuuuttt it may be a new 60 Watt Kid track. they were also the source of the fake "leak" for Avey Tare's Down There a few years back!

I remember when that happened. If it’s a fake AC track, then it’s a pretty good imitation. 

I guess you can all consider me HESITANT and DOUBTFUL about Centipede Hz again.

Animal Collective - “Moonjock”

EDIT: This may or may not be an actual Animal Collective song. Take the forthcoming review with a grain of salt.


So, this appears to be a new song from Animal Collective off their new album Centipede Hz. I have to say, I was a little wary about this album after I heard that it was being billed as a return to the band’s experimental roots, but this track is erasing my apprehensions and fears about it rather thoroughly. I was floored one listen in, and I’m already enjoying it much more than either of the two non-album tracks that the band debuted back in May.

"Moonjock" begins with lilting, crystalline guitar lines marking the return of formerly absent member Deakin to the fold and signaling a return to the general musical aesthetic of Feels, my second favorite Animal Collective release. Avey Tare’s hushed vocals come in soon afterwards along with Panda Bear’s yelping backing vocals. The song quickly erupts into an exciting mess of half-spoken, half-screamed vocals punctuated by cymbal crashes and bursts of synth squelch. Somehow, the band manages to craft this approach into an earworm of a song.

After a few hesitant months of doubt, this song is reminding me why I’ve always loved Animal Collective so much. In true AC fashion, this song is both reminiscent of their earlier work (particularly Feels) and entirely fresh and adventurous. Consider me very excited for Centipede Hz


Stream “Moonjock” above and find more information about Centipede Hz and Animal Collective’s upcoming tour HERE.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
So here’s the new Animal Collective cover art. It’s going to take some getting used to.

So here’s the new Animal Collective cover art. It’s going to take some getting used to.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lewis and his Blog May 2012 Mix

When it comes to new music being released, May was one of my favorite months so far this year. In keeping with my 2012 tradition of making a 10 track mix of new songs every month this year, here is the latest installment in my monthly mix series. Stream this month’s mix at the embedded link below, or at my 8tracks page. If you want to check out the previous months’ mixes, head over to my “Monthly Mix” tag HERE

Lewis and his Blog//May 2012 Mix

1. The Hiya Dunes - “Black Fur”

These SUNY Purchase kids apparently didn’t get the memo that reverb-heavy beach rock is played out, but with tunes as good as this one, who cares? Long live summer 2009. Download The Hiya Dunes' new record High Tide over at their bandcamp page, or pick up the casette for $5 at the Seagreen Records webstore.

2. Animal Collective - “Honeycomb”

At the beginning of the month, Animal Collective debuted two new tracks from a forthcoming 7”, and soon afterwards announced a new full length LP called Centipede Hz. That LP is due out in September, but the 7” should hold us over until then. Of the two tracks, “Honeycomb” is the highlight, with its spacey drums and returned-member Deakin’s psychedelic guitar leads. Check out both tracks and purchase the 7” digitally or on vinyl HERE.

3. Fang Island - “Asunder”

Like Animal Collective before them, the Rhode Island math rock act Fang Island also debuted a new single  this month, coinciding with the announcement of a new album. The joyous, guitar-worshipping “Asunder” is the first track to debut from Major, the band’s forthcoming third LP, which will be released July 24th via Sargent House

4. Sean Milo - “Eyes So Small”

Teenaged songwriter/producer Sean Milo is a rare talent in the bedroom pop world. On “Eyes So Small,” the most recent single from his forthcoming album The February Heat Wave, Milo layers subtle percussion, twinkly guitars, and slurred vocals to produce a calm, soothing aesthetic wash that builds effortlessly to a dramatic climax in the final minute. Download “Eyes So Small” on bandcamp HERE.

5. The Tallest Man On Earth - “1904”

Appropriately named There’s No Leaving Now, Kristian Matsson’s latest record as The Tallest Man On Earth is a remarkably ambitious sonic step forward for the Swedish folk singer. Thankfully, as tracks like the aching lead single “1904” show, he hasn’t lost his ability to craft great folk songs under all the aesthetic trappings. The album is available for pre-order now from Dead Oceans.

6. Sun Kil Moon - “Among The Leaves”

The latest songwriting effort from Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon project is surprisingly open and earnest, giving a lot of previously unseen insight into Kozelek’s psyche. It’s also filled with some really gorgeous music, as evidenced by the lush, string-laden title track. Among The Leaves is available for purchase now from Caldo Verde Records.

7. Mount Eerie - “Through The Trees pt. 2”

Clear Moon, Phil Elverum’s most recent full length album as Mount Eerie, is a remarkable subtle and introspective affair, dealing primarily with minimalist instrumentation and lyrics about coming to terms with unfamiliar places. These themes are exemplified by “Through The Trees pt. 2,” which was released as a single earlier in the year but works best in the context of the album. Purchase Clear Moon from Elverum’s record label HERE.

8. Self Defense Family - “Self Immolation Family”

Try as they might to cover it up with name changes, unpredictable promotional strategies, and their utterly hilarious tumblr pageSelf Defense Family can’t help but make fascinating music. “Self Immolation Family,” the frostbitten a-side to their new Iceland 7”, might be their most interesting — if not best — song to date. Purchase the new 7” from Deathwish Records HERE.

9. Milkshakes - “Joey Fitness”

"Joey Fitness", the last track on Milkshakes' new split with Wisdom Teeth, manages to condense nearly 22 years of indie/emo angst into just over 2 minutes. Stream Milkshakes’ half of the split on their bandcamp page HERE, and download all three tracks for free. 

10. Spirit Night - “The Last Time”

Spirit Night’s new record One Man Houses stands among the best indie rock revival records of 2012 so far because it challenges traditional indie rock tropes rather than just reinforcing them. With its arching guitars, cryptic, disturbing lyrics, and skyward vocal melody, the album highlight “The Last Time” is a heavy, emotional tearjerker that will serve as a great closer to your next summer mixtape. Read my review of One Man Houses HERE and download the record on their bandcamp page.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I have a test on waves and harmonic motion in Physics class tomorrow so I think I’m going to ask if I can give my answers in Centipede Hz.

Looks like there’s a new Animal Collective album coming our way. It seems to be called Centipede Hz (that’s ‘Hertz’), and it’s due out this September. Watch the announcement video above, via Animal Collective’s new website.

Monday, May 7, 2012
Also, in case you missed it last night...

..there are two new Animal Collective songs that are worth checking out.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stream: Animal Collective - “Honeycomb” / “Gotham” 7”

Three years after the release of their last traditional LP (if you could ever possibly call something that this band has done ‘traditional’), Animal Collective are back with a new 7” record. The two tracks are streaming for free now on their new website, and you can stream them both above as well. 

"Honeycomb" is a bouncy, high tempo jaunt that ties together the squelching synths of Strawberry Jam with some of the more mind-expanding moments of 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. “Gotham” is the real standout, though, featuring an earworm African-style riff from guitarist Deakin, who recently rejoined the group after being absent on Merriweather


Stream both of the tracks above and purchase the 7” from Domino Records HERE. Each pre-order comes with immediate downloads of both tracks. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Left of the Dial “A Very Indie Rock Christmas” Playlist - 12/23/11

Last night’s special Christmas broadcast of Left of the Dial on WNHU definitely got me in the Christmas spirit. A big thanks to everyone who suggested Christmas-themed or seasonal songs, and thanks to everyone who listened in. The playlist from last night’s show is below, complete with youtube links when I could find them. Merry Christmas!

ALSO, For those of you who may be interested, I’m going to be releasing a free Christmas single/EP tomorrow featuring a song from my forthcoming new album, a non-album b-side, and a cover song. It will be made available tomorrow on my bandcamp page. Feel free to check out my personal music blog HERE for more information about all of my own music. Thanks!

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