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"Ryan Hemsworth"
Monday, January 28, 2013

Cat Power - “Manhattan” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) [Feat. Angel Haze]


Honestly, as someone who thought that Detroit rapper Angel Haze came out of the whole Angel/Azalea feud looking only slightly better than Azealia Banks herself, I am apprehensive about finally digging into her body of work now. That might have to change, however, because I’m finding it very hard not to be impressed by her contributions to Ryan Hemsworth's remix of Cat Power's “Manhattan,” which was released earlier today. 

Hemsworth layers just enough dubby, reverberant ooze onto the Sun highlight, allowing Angel’s voice to slink, rather haze-like, atop the smoothed over remnants of Chan Marshall’s piano flickers. Alone, they are both enigmatic and uniquely volatile figures in their respective scenes, but together, Angel Haze and Cat Power really do seem to complement each other. Hemsworth can’t take all the credit for the idea — the two artists are scheduled to play a number of tour dates together — but his work in linking these two artists directly cannot go unrecognized. 

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